Cut the Fluff

The pale pink liquid playing on the crushed ice directly from the refrigerator dispenser looks nearly the same as the sun going down in the springtime sky. The glass cup clinks the counter and a look out the window show the last wisps of a glorious Sunday disappearing beneath the kitchen sink.

Today we’re writing without the fluff, cutting it out.  Specifically: that, very, and relatively no adverbs.

We had a last-go-round tonight before some major changes in our family. With that sun going down my hunger for anything else is doing the same, we spent an evening with loud pop music and hockey playoff games blaring in a bar while my husband and I split something horrific that had the words Garbage Can in the name. It looked like it and nearly tasted like it too. The whole plate making it much easier to tolerate the fact we are literally cutting most of the fluff from our diets starting tomorrow. A pint of golden Modelo to wash down the crispy edges of potato and bacon. It seems to be the aperitif to a week ahead filled with colorful peppers, succulent shrimp, and the other hallmarks of a healthier diet.

We’ve been in vacation mode for the better part of a week. A trip to Cincinnati loaded with water slides, cheese, and prosecco.  But not necessarily in the order you saw right there. My body wants to detox and my husband finally made the decision to do it with me and be supportive within his daily dietary actions.

Without the extras present this week, what will be available? Spicy black bean burgers with stoplight yellow mustard and brussel sprouts sauteed in a little olive oil and plenty of pepper. There are healthy chocolate chip oat cookies in the freezer, the chocolate dark chocolate and the sticking agent is applesauce rather than margarine. Somewhere inside there is little cheesecakes made with thick Greek yogurt and lemon juice and a single reduced-fat vanilla wafer with a blackberry on top.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in life and at our house. Almond milk is aplenty to be placed in between Ninja blades with frozen strawberries, bananas, and more Greek yogurt. Yes, it has so much protein and goodness that you have to buy the yogurt by the truckload. Other options include one a friend suggested: oats, protein powder, raisins, and slivered almonds. No sausage smelling up the kitchen on this list and you won’t find the crisp edges of bacon around here anytime soon.

The decision to cut the fluff, both verbally and physically, comes from a need to simplify my entire life right now.  After fully focusing on building my business and working with people who have been generous and faithful to my work, it’s time to focus a little on me. Because what good am I if I don’t have energy? What good am I if I can’t have keep up with my kids and the barre class that I still hope to someday try?

Cut out what you don’t need. It will serve you well.