Starting out on an unknown path can be really hard.  Will risk equal reward?  Can you take what you love and what you’re good at and turn it into something new and exciting?  I hadn’t had a chance to really test that question in the last few years, at least in a larger-than-your-life kind of way.  But this summer I started a new journey as a Brand Journalist after working for 17 years in television news– and I’m here to tell you:  You can do it!

So what is brand journalism?  I’ve had a lot of people ask me that question in the last few months.  It’s a newer concept, but my best definition is this:  the opportunity for companies and organizations to tell their story in a way that utilizes the perspective and delivery that only a reporter could give.  We know the right questions to ask, we know the right angles to examine, to tell readers or viewers the most complete story.

Central Ohio is the perfect place to try this concept, and some companies are dipping their toe into the water with their marketing staff.  I decided I wanted to freelance and tell stories for many different groups because this area is rich with incredible stories.  From startups to massive companies, so many stories aren’t even told in traditional media– and it’s time that people know about them.

One of my first clients has been the City of Hilliard.  They are just starting a new online campaign called #HilliardsHappening.  As you can tell from that hashtag, it’s all about being social and sharing all the awesome new things that are happening in the town.  My first brand journalism piece, you will call it a story, looks like this:

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to do what I know how to do, in a new way.  I’m working with 2-3 other clients right now and you’ll see some of that finished work in the next month.  You’ll hear facts that you haven’t heard about and new ways to see parts of Central Ohio that you’ve explored before– but didn’t know the full story.  These groups are giving me their most authentic material and now you’ll see inside their work.

So thank you to those who are entrusting me with their story right now– and for those of you who want to tell a story:  let’s talk!  Email me:  mikaela@mikaelahunt.com