A Beginner’s Guide to a Fresh Start

Where are we?  Is this a summer break?

I have no clue what I’m doing.

Okay, it’s not really true.  But this world of designing a website and sitting here in my yoga pants at 6 a.m. while the sun is coming up isn’t the way I think of “broadcasting” information to the world.  I’m not old school.  But, I did work almost 17 years in TV news.

I know you have questions about why I’m not working in news anymore.  For whatever reason, I’ve been presented with this opportunity.  This moment in time.  Sometimes we don’t choose our path, it chooses us.

So, I’ve been trying to come up with a new creation for the last five weeks.  An old friend of mine was in town recently and we were sitting inside the ultra-sleek Kona Grill at Easton with rain pouring outside and trees looking like they would nearly be snapped in half.  The storm.  I know all about it.  She said to me “Are you writing this all down?  Because you should be.  You should be journaling.”  And I guess, I kind of am.

How do you handle it when a path chooses you?  This is my Beginner’s Guide to A Fresh Start:

1.  Be angry, cry if needed, stare at the wall OR celebrate wildly with your favorite bubbly (champagne or ginger ale) and toast the opportunity in front of you.  You can do either of these things.  Emotionally, you’ll come back to the middle and be able to take in the moment in a very real way.  You need to do this to move forward.

2.  Talk with friends.  Not too many at once.  A few each day.  Let them hug you with their words, let them take you to coffee and celebrate with you some more, enjoy your time with them in a way you hadn’t when you were bogged down by a crazy schedule, a lot of traveling, or whatever it was that was taking up unnecessary space in your life.  I’m still doing that.  And it is divine.

3.  Spend some time reading something in those first few days.  A devotional, a great book on happiness, the latest Us Weekly, or that great novel that you can get lost in and not come out of for an hour or two.  A movie works as well.  Or a marathon of Real Housewives or Lip Sync Battle.  Maybe some Amy Schumer.  No judgement here.

4.  Give yourself a few days to mourn change, if you don’t like change.  And then:  Get Up!  Not because you necessarily feel like it.  But because YOU CAN DO IT.  You’re awesome.  You have something to give to the world.  There is a reason all of us are here.  While you’re getting up, do some exercise.  It gets the blood flowing to the body and the mind.

5.  Reach out to your network.  Who do you know that can help you?  I talked with a friend that is a life and business strategist in town in the first few days.  That visit to the Short North on a Monday helped establish the five things that I needed to have in my day to make it great.

6.  Entertain new ideas, things you may not have considered adding to your life.  I talked with everybody from a guy who is working on a startup that could do really cool things with the pictures you take… to a connection with a social movement that is picking up steam called #freethetampons.  Yes, I just wrote that.  You should see the Ted Talk on it, ladies.  It gets you thinking.  Also, job shadow.  You’ll learn a lot.

7.  Go to networking events that you find on Facebook in your area and take notes.  The universe has a weird way of expressing its’ message to you and you’ll find it there.  These are very accepting places.  It’s like a little dose of wisdom.

8.  After you’ve set up some meetings and stretched your mind a little bit– have some fun!  Please.  I’ve been to the pool, the Newport Aquarium, the gorgeous town of Granville for a carnival, and to a sewing lesson in the last few weeks in the middle of meetings.

9.  Make a list.  If you know me, you know I maybe like them too much.  But they work!  There is something very satisfying about writing down a plan and going back and revising it.  It can be long or short.  It just helps you see how you are dealing with change.  And you are doing great!

10.  Express gratitude.  This change is going to grow your emotional/spiritual/physical life.  Write it down, pray, send thank you notes.  When you’re in the middle of something new, you start to see how beautiful the world is– and how many incredible people are in it.

Again, this is just my Beginner’s Guide to A Fresh Start.  I can give you no more than this, because I am just getting through these first 10 items.  And if you read this, and you’re going through something, know that you’re not alone.

If you’re not going through anything right now, just make a mental note to come back and read this.  The blog will be here and I will be here talking with you as we have for awhile in these #earlyAMconfessions.