A Little Investment & A Lot of Refreshment: The Halo Experience

I’ve been a skincare fanatic for years- thanks to a healthy dose of acne problems after I traveled around the country as a graduate consultant for a fraternal organization the year after I graduated from college. It did a number on my skin- visiting all those college campuses, water sources, air, and elevation. I learned a lot about my skin (what it didn’t like) and how to know what part of the United States I was in by the type of purse a girl carried. But I’ll save that story for a different day!

Those different environmental factors threw my skin into a frenzy. As soon as I “got back to normal life” working in TV news in Illinois, I knew I needed to care for my skin. It needed to go through some healing. So the acnetic problematic skin soon faded away to the healthy, glowing skin of my 20s thanks to the help of Dr. Murad and a wonderful aesthetician by the name of Danielle VanMeter in Central Illinois. I didn’t make a lot of money, but I knew that I needed to keep my skin healthy with quality products and regular facials. I also started to realize that SPF needed to be a daily part of my regimen.

When I moved to Columbus, Ohio I found an aesthetician who used those products and by the time I was in my early 30s, my skin was supported while going through BIG changes. Having kids, having stress in a job that had me up at the crack of dawn, and more. My new aesthetician introduced me to another line of products called Image and I used them for a while. I mean, if the Miss America contestants could use them- this skincare fan might as well try to recapture some of that glow! (Did I mention that working in early morning TV was NOT helping my skin changes either? Oh yeah, I did.)

Since that regimen change, I’ve lived a whole other life or two. And my skin feels like it as well. This pandemic hasn’t helped. We’ve all felt the stress of homeschooling, the isolation of working from home and job changes, and then we maybe haven’t been as religious as we could be about our skincare routine. As I navigate through my early 40s, my skin needed another boost. But this time, I felt like new products would only take me so far. I needed some resurfacing first.

On that note, and the fact that we work with Donaldson Plastic Surgery for our radio show, What Matters with Mindy and Mikaela on 610 WTVN, I decided to open up to the possibilities in the skincare world that I hadn’t before now. Non-invasive treatments that would bring my skin back to its foundation- as much as possible. I met with Dr. Michelle Sieffert and she was a very gentle guide- helping me understand the options I would be most comfortable with right now. The options that would help me be the best version of myself. And through that, I chose to do the Halo Laser- a version of resurfacing that made me a little nervous, if I am being honest. But I liked the thought of the results, based on what I needed. I would not have to go through a lot of downtime (hey- busy working mom here!) My skin would be resurfaced, and I would see a noticeable improvement in tone and texture within weeks- as long as I stayed true to my belief in quality product use.

When I went in for the procedure, I asked A LOT of questions. It’s in my nature, and maybe yours too. I knew the whole thing would take about an hour and change. They put some numbing gel on my face, and I sat in a comfortable spa-like setting for half an hour while it started working its’ magic. Then they took me into the laser room to see Dr. Sieffert.

What was the actual Halo experience like at the office? As Dr. Sieffert smoothed the laser over my face it was like she had a large powerful pen. It was a little loud and it feels kind of like your face is touching the famous static ball at the Saint Louis Magic house. For those of you who have not experienced this sensation, which is a little odd but not too uncomfortable, it’s like static electricity when you take a blanket out from the dryer.


Within 10-15 minutes, the procedure was over, with very little toe-curling- it just felt like I had been out in the sun for a bit. Dr. Sieffert’s right-hand gal that day, Julia, handed me a pouch of skincare products I would use for the next ten days, and we scheduled my post-Halo facial for after that time. It all comes in the package. They also handed me a fan and very cold water in a spray can- which they said I would need to use in the next 12 hours.

And boy did I! I had been nervous about the office part, but the part that probably was the most challenging was the next hour or two when it felt like my face had been sitting out on a beach in Waikiki without sunscreen.  Here’s what I looked like within the first couple of hours:

I took a couple of ibuprofen and that seemed to do most of the trick in ridding me from the burn and the slight headache associated with those first couple of hours. We all sacrifice a bit for some beauty, don’t we?

But honestly, after that, my skin started to go through the changes I expected- changes that I think can unlock some of its’ former glow. You can wear makeup 24 hours after the procedure. But come on- you know how the makeup game can go in a work-from-home environment! So, I used the skin products I was given, and my skin started sloughing the years of sun exposure, being outside in snowstorms, and the signs of aging that come with being in your early 40s. If you’re near my age or a little bit older you know the signs: wrinkles, redness, some scars, and skin that’s not as tight as it used to be.

It has been a few weeks since the treatment- and I have to say, I am really liking the results. It’s a once-a-year treatment and a bit of an investment, but I’m excited to see where the resurfacing takes my tired skin. Dr. Sieffert told me I will only continue to see improvement in the weeks to come, given the fact that my skin is now regenerating collagen. Here are a mid-point pic and a pic ten days after the treatment:


Already a bit smoother, and a little more of a glow without makeup- right? We all need a little refreshment right now. You might have some extra dinero from staying at home, possibly saved on a few lunches or glasses of wine out with friends. If you’re in my boat and looking for a skin boost- I highly suggest trying the Halo.

Also, in the midst of social distancing and being very intentional about where I go, when I stepped into Donaldson I found a lot of peace in knowing that I was in a medical office. It’s a place where you can get an amazing facial or a treatment or procedure and implicitly trust their protocol.

Do something for yourself in 2021 and work towards being a better version of yourself- in a safe and healthy way.