Write the End

The most important thing to remember:  we have a limited amount of time here and that means while we’re here we have to do things that serve us. When you make the decision to care for yourself, the end of the story is a happy one.Today I’m supposed to “Write the End” according to The Challenge. It’s sometimes difficult to get to this point. It takes tragedy. It takes heartbreak. It takes hitting the bottom. But it eventually will happen. You just can make it happen a little more quickly and therefore get to enjoy more of your reinvented life.

How does this look in the mirror? How does this look in your mind? It depends on the path you’re taking and where you are on that path.  Here’s a vision see:

Your body is strong, arms toned and tanned from the summer sunlight and legs strong confidently rocking a pair of heels that click down the sidewalk.  You feel light and energized, not from that last cup of coffee but from the adrenaline push from that morning workout at the aerial yoga class that solidified your core and your focus. Hair is long, a little blonde from the sun, and tucked into a pair of fantastic big-frame sunglasses.  Your smile wide, white and bright.

A-line organza skirt flowing from waist to knee from the your latest purchase off StyleWe, because it takes the style you would normally find in your former-lackluster-too-busy-for-creativity-life to another level. Just slightly.  New patterns, new angled-cuts, and a new attitude that you display as you go.

The people who mean something to you are held dear over a late-afternoon mimosa or an early morning cup of fair-trade coffee. Dripped just so into a white porcelain cup steaming from the brew.  The sun pours into the white-washed tables and reminds you that while winter is somewhere… here it is sparkling and summer.

The trip is planned, you’ll get out of town soon with one carry-on that include a bathing suit, a cover up, and a great pair of sandals.  Plus that hat you always covet so you can get away without having to wear makeup or do your hair. Because who always wants to do that when they’re enjoying life? The beach in Antigua calling your name, crystal blue waters and a hut over the ocean where you can’t even count your cares on one hand.

Empowered. That’s how this ends.  Working on what you believe in, experiencing pure joy in each thing you do.  The things you put in your body are fresh and delicious, full of antioxidants and other health-enhancing benefits. Your skin glows and a burden is gone. Your closet is minimized and so are your surroundings. You only wear and see things that you love. It’s magic the way you’ve turned stress and chaos into a world that you love.  And it came out of unforeseeable circumstances.

As with any good ending, you ride off into the sunset.  Pleased with all that life is and what it will continue to be when you serve yourself and live in your faith.