Restore Your Resolution

The insane cold followed by balmy-like temperatures. The constant stream of news about H2N3 and the latest member of your family to go down to the “stuff” as we’ve been calling it. Calamity days thrown in there and everything is thrown off.

This is almost like a hibernation. These days between subtropical mid-50s and subzero temps where I am changing out peep-toe shoes for Sorel boots with the fuzzy fur on top. And I don’t want to go outside. I am making excuses not to, which is really weird for me. And not good for any of us if you have resolutions to be more social, physical, whatever engaged state we want to be in at the beginning of February.

Case in point: The Twilight movies. I think I’m the only person in the world who hadn’t seen them and I was able to get through all of them in about three days, completely sideswiping any intentions to leave my home.

And really. Some of you know you’re there. You’re sick of it.
There’s no need to even question the calamity days frustration, am I right? Half of you completely understands.
The other half of you feels a bit like you’re navigating a field of landmines.
(See video below.)
Your resolutions, your goal list, whatever you put together at the beginning of last month seems to be down the toilet thanks to what feels a little like Polar Vortex Lite. It’s the perfect recipe for a resolution fail. That and the bag of popcorn you just inhaled on the couch.
But a few of us (count about 400 at last look) have decided that– you know what– sometimes it’s okay to fail. Or even better yet, it’s okay to grow slow. Cultivate Columbus is based on Lara Casey’s Powersheets and involves some of the most rockin’ chicks I know and plenty more that I can’t wait to meet. You can check out the conversation here.
Here’s the deal: even if you’re failing, all you have to do is choose one thing to help you get back on track.
So even though I have slacked off on some of my tending list (i.e. goals for 2018)- I still have the ability to create a solution.
A couple of weekends ago– in being bogged down by my Must-Do’s, I did a Want-To and a fun goal for my family. I chose snow. Lots of it, mostly real but topped off with some man-made, high on a hill near Bellefontaine.
I can’t tell you what the blue dot is, so don’t ask. The Ghose Hunters would probably say I was being visited on the side of a mountain!
So what is the one thing you need to choose to get back on track? What simple item can stop this week from being the place where your goals went to die?
I bet you have an idea right now. Put in on your To-Do list for tomorrow. Make a plan for this weekend.
Restore your resolution. There’s every reason to keep moving forward and grow slow.