How This Blog Got Its Name

In a moment of pure despondency, I thought about all of the untold stories and the confused stories and the stories that weren’t quite finished and knew– someone had to help!

Okay, not totally true. But the more romantic side of me and the side that knew I had the ability to help other people tell their story both led to the name of this website, this blog.

Find Your Story. With the butterfly latte art– that combines my love of caffeine and my social media butterfly personality that is always looking for the next best story to share.

What does it take to find your story? What does it mean? YOU, my friend, have a personal brand. You put it out there for the world to see on social media every day. But do you really know how people view that brand? How they view you? Does it dovetail with what YOU THINK your story is? Do you wish you were telling a different story as you take each step in your life?



Thanks Ferris— that’s a good reminder. So the question is: are you going to miss it?

Or are you going to be deliberate about finding your story? The fingerprint that is unique to you, and how you tell it to the world? If you tell it to those in your inner circle and just beyond, you might find the response empowering. It could mean freedom. It could mean you’re up for a true challenge.

I was invited to be a guest on a podcast to talk about Find Your Story recently, you can listen to it here. I lay out what it exactly means to find your story and tell it in the right way. No matter if you’re an individual or a small business.

Thanks to Mary McCarthy for having me on– I hope the words mean something to you. Help you. Inspire you to do something with the pages you’ve been given to write on in this life.

And– bonus points! After you listen, tell me in the Comments section below: What are your 5 things?

Today’s post is also courtesy of the latest blog challenge I’m going to do in the month of March. The end of Q1 is the perfect time to write and reflect on the next chapter in my story. And the same is true for you!