The Momcast

You never know where the journey is going to lead. When I left TV almost a year ago I had no clue what was going to happen on Friday, would happen.

What I did know… that there were families I cared about and connected with all over Central Ohio and I wasn’t going to give up on those relationships.

No job. No ideas.

I sat down with a friend of mine who is a career coach and he asked me one thing:

What 5 Things Make Your Day Great?

And I quickly wrote down in sharpie on his big white board: Connecting People, Social Engagement, Empowering Women, Writing, and Community

This would be the key to the map that became the next year.

And the latest dot on the landscape: Momcast.

Around the same time I wrote down those five things, I also decided that I would join as many Moms In The Know groups in Central Ohio as I could on Facebook. Something in my mind told me that I would be working with information that would benefit those groups, even though I didn’t know what it would be! These groups are 4,000 women strong sometimes and support each other through life’s easy moments (What book should I read next?) to the tougher moments (How should we handle the bully in my son’s class?)

Fast-forward to November of last year and the phone call I received from Mindy Drayer. The Buckeye-loving-blonde from NBC4 that I rarely got to work with but always was the cheeriest when she walked in the door on the days her part-time schedule had her in the newsroom.

It’s a phone call that would change the course of the next several months.

 “Mikaela, I have an idea. And I want you in on it.”

Mindy’s idea was The Momcast. She thought of it while sitting in the sun in her backyard. She was just pondering life and what she was going to do next, sometime in the late fall. Mindy is passionate about her kids and sports, if any of you have been on the field when she has someone in the game you know that! She also has a huge heart and a crazy amount of energy.

So, we started working on the concept. We knew nothing about how to produce a radio show/podcast. Both of us had worked in radio years ago, but had no clue on the structure of things in 2015/16.

So we did what we knew how to do best… ask questions 🙂  We asked some experts and people who had been down that road a few times before. Luckily for us, a few of our friends were in the promotions and radio world and gave us some tips.

In the last three months, we found ourselves in the board room at Columbus Radio Group and pitching the idea to the management team. The passion for the content was on our shirt sleeves and there was a lot of hope in our eyes.

They loved it!  And, as a big bonus, they wanted Stacy McKay to do the show with us because she’s been wanting to do something like it for a long time.

I was really impressed in that moment.  When the meeting broke, that management team did something I have never seen in all my years in TV:  they took a moment to celebrate “team.” I won’t say more than that, because it’s something that is unique and special to the Columbus Radio group. But I will tell you, it was really cool.

Momcast just launched on Friday, we had to keep quiet about it until our first one was completely edited. You can listen to it right here.  And then make sure to head to our Facebook page here, to let us know your answers to our “hot topic” questions. You can also find us on Twitter.



I just want to take a moment on this Mother’s Day to thank Mindy for coming to me to be a part of all this and understanding the value of community and women to me. And to all the other women at Columbus Radio Group who stepped up and knew that we could create a conversation that would lift others up! Stacy is one of those, she’s been a tremendous asset to this team because she knows how to make good radio happen. Plus two awesome guys, GM Chris Forgy, who has an incredible energy all of his own as a leader…. and our producer Greg Hansberry, who is able to take what we do and make it sound seamless.

We are starting down this path with full hearts and open minds… and hope you are willing to come along.

I hope you all had a very Happy Mother’s Day!