Right Here Waiting

There was a certain year and a certain car I’m sure you were driving when Richard Marx sang his way into the Top 40 with that one.  That’s not the point of this post exactly, this is more personalized than that drippy love song we all swooned over.  This is your life and this is how we behave, no matter the romantic partner.

Impatience is an innate characteristic in the Hunt family.  We are notoriously terrible at waiting for anything. And too many times in my life, I’ve been caught waiting for the next best thing… the next fun thing… the next exciting thing.  Where I’m sitting writing this note is a perfect example of that impatience and how sometimes you have to wait months, even years, to have the right moment.

When Logan, my oldest, was just shy of two years old and I was about four or five months pregnant with Christian we decided it was a smart idea to go to Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati.  He could barely speak but of course, it was going to be the BEST time ever because we finally had a kid and people with kids go to indoor water parks, right?

The whole experience was horrible.  We should have waited.  Logan couldn’t slide down anything except three baby slides in the whole 25,000 foot square park.  He didn’t really like the water.  So getting him down the slide was a total pain, even thought it was maybe 10 feet long. We tried to order their Hungry as A Wolf pizza, that smelled so delicious after a long day of being in the water and not doing much.  He threw an absolute fit in the middle of the small eating area where everyone was hanging out and doing the same thing.  We went to bed that night hoping the next day would be better.

We never made it into the water park again during that stay.  Logan started puking about 11 o’clock that night.  We headed home the next morning.  And of course, he didn’t get sick even one more time.

The point being…. yes… we should have waited. It wasn’t time to have that kind of fun. It was time to enjoy our one year old and hang near home while waiting for the next guy to come.  Some of you may have had that  kind of trip with a little guy and know exactly the pain of the situation I just described.

Fast forward four years.  Yes, that’s a lot of time. A lot of waiting. To the point I really hadn’t thought much about this place.  But my husband found a Groupon, we made our way south, and lo and behold… now is the right time.  They’ve loved the water and nearly all of the slides they’re able to ride.  They are completely entranced by The Clock Tower Show (while it’s still a little strange to us adults.) And the one thing we knew last time would never work with a one year old, we’re realistic to a point, we finally get to experience this time: Magi Quest. Logan loves his new wand and Christian is following not far behind as he cast spells on all of the treasured objects.

Four years.  It was a lot of time now that I think about it. A lot of waiting. But we’re here and it doesn’t feel rushed. It feels just right.

Waiting sometimes is a fine thing.  Despite what we might think.