24 Hours and The Little Details

Tell Me about Your Day. When you were a little kid you heard it all the time. You might have responded excitedly about the events of the day. Or you might have drawn into yourself in front of that After School TV Special.

Today I’m supposed to talk about mine, replete with some details that could go by unnoticed.

There was hot tea to start my day in my perfectly white tea cup. When I was a little girl we always went to a Chinese restaurant that had “Teddy Bear Tea” and it was warm and spicy and perfect. My little orange tin box above the microwave a happy sight for sleepy eyes and Paw Patrol pajamas that were running around my night gowned self at a much too early hour. I’ve been playing short-order cook lately because we’re not sure if my youngest has a dairy or gluten intolerance, but it’s one of the two and it causes me to look like your favorite diner’s kitchen most of the time.

I wish I could tell you about my whole day, but there’s a little secret in it that I can’t announce yet. Let’s just say there was a lot of talking, some headphones, and some pretty rad ladies.  Between us, we use about a can of hairspray I’m sure on a good day. No chlorofluorocarbons in our cans. (If I have a chance to use that word, I always do. And I rarely get the chance!)

Skittering from that location to Miranova Place downtown, I was ushered in to CoverMyMeds. It’s a fairly new company that is making amazing strides within the pharmaceutical/medical industry.  They also have fantastic views of the entire downtown from their 12 floor lunch room where they serve fresh tilapia encrusted with something tasty, sautéed asparagus, and wild rice pilaf.  You choose your own beverage and there are quite a few to choose from—including some on tap.  I had a bottle of water and pulled out by black Rhodia project notebook that I acquired at Robert Mason Co. in the Short North. It’s proven very handy and smart for balancing my clients and to-do lists for each one in an analog way. I’m emceeing Columbus Startup Week and had a chance to meet with some of our city’s top minds when it comes to fresh business ideas and the willingness to take a risk. It can pay of greatly, you know.

There is a blur for the rest of the afternoon. I drove to the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency to pick up Son #2 and talked with a friend on the way (all the way) back home. On the agenda: picking up #1 from the bus stop while playing a mean game of Red Light/Green Light with #2. There was a squealing moment when the two boys met on the sidewalk that makes a mother’s heart melt.

I came back home to meet a friend and make the closest thing to a Starbucks latte that you can get.  Buttery Caramel coffee from Target, Salted Caramel Chocolate Creamer, with some RediWhip and a drizzle of Cookie Caramel Sauce to boot.  I think it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to the great Mermaid’s recipe.

There was more to the day, but I don’t want to bore you with the frustrations of two toilets with old washers that need replaced after withering for years.  Or the 3-year-old who is potty-trained who left a puddle on the floor and had me sighing and asking Why?

I end the day, where you might imagine. In front of Netflix and House of Cards Season 3.