Creating a Habit

One look out the window today and it seems like Spring is far, far away.  That’s almost a laughable commentary, considering we’re officially in the season. Bulbs are popping up in our mulch that needs refreshed. Kids are replacing their winter jackets with lighter fleece components in their school day wardrobes.  Panera may not have the Strawberry Fields salad out yet, but just wait… it’s coming!  I mean, let’s consider the fact that on Easter Sunday there were rising temperatures and shorts all around this place, with lawns being mowed and bikes on the road. It gave us physical hope.  For a moment.

Today when I looked out into the dreary sky with trees waving in the wind indicating a dropping dew point and temperatures—it was evident that we’re not quite there.  To Spring. Yet.

Little pieces of hail came raining down on our paver patio, almost mocking the patio furniture frames that have yet to see cushions.  We chose to wait to put them on and right now I’m patting myself on the back for the smart decision.  It’s hard to see when it’s going to be consistently… nice.

When something is definite in your life, you have to see the light.  When you commit to something and are ready to move forward with everything within you, you need to know the benefit. The reason why you’re marching ahead. Apparently Mother Nature isn’t motivated.  And we all laugh about it or are seething slightly—depending on how the fact sits with our mood today.

As the Spring sky mocks us, I have another commitment on my mind.  A habit that needs to become second nature in my life. And it became apparent a couple of weeks ago.

I needed to get back into the habit of writing.  I wanted to get the creative energy moving inside this brain in a new way. To feel inspired as my life takes another loop around the track.

I am blogging for 31 days straight. My goal is to not put off writing until the end of the day, but to sample my thoughts and words throughout the day on any given subject that I’m challenged to write about through the My 500 Words Challenge.  Even though this post is going up late at night, I’ve actually been considering it and weeding through my words here since this morning.

The Challenge also asks us to create a theme.  I think many of you know this has been a year of unbelievable change for me, very public change.  So the theme for me: Honesty & Transition.  You’ll know exactly what’s been happening, why it’s been happening, and how anyone like me (that means you) can get through those hard moments.

Day Two happened to provide the right backdrop to remind me of the commitment I’ve made.  When the days seem the darkest and the wind is about to take you down, that’s the time you look inside yourself and make a decision.  I will write the words.  Spring will come.  And my world will be all the better for it.