A New Commitment

5:30 in the morning.  The black strip on my arm buzzes softly, urging me to get up.  My eyes open by just a sliver, and I see the face of the Fitbit reminding me of what I need to do at this hour. Stay committed.  Get a jump on the day with a quick workout before the day gets a jump on me.

I roll over into the quilt and microfiber sheets, burying my head into that silk pillowcase that’s supposed to make my skin ten years younger and my sleep two hours longer.  One foot, then another, I move to pull on a pair of yoga pants, stretch a ponytail holder into my rather long hair, and tiptoe down the hall.

It takes commitment to start a habit.  It takes commitment to make a relationship work.

I’ve had a lack of commitment to writing on this website and I don’t like that fact. This was the place where my new life began.  It’s time to get back to it and give it the effort that it deserves.

Writing is my first love, it has been since I was in fourth grade. I remember walking into the library at my elementary school and instead of steering toward the fiction section first thing, I would go to the section that had Xerox paper held together by plastic-Office Max binding circa 1989.  Those were the booklets that held the winning Young Authors’ entries.  Ornate descriptions in stories and poems, no pictures, just written words by very talented young people who at the time were older than me.  If I close my eyes, I can think about some of the plots, vaguely recounting a few that I would read over and over again.

I wonder where those young authors are now? What did they do with all of that ability?  What did they do with the hobby that they loved?

What happens when you get away from your first love?  The level of passion you have is abominably low.  Your energy in general is down and you feel like a vacuum has sucked the very life out of you.

As an adult, we sometimes stray from our first love because other things fill our time. We’re taken away from it by our work days, the errands we need to run, the dinners we need to make. We’re too tired to commit to the one thing that isn’t necessary, but fills our veins with passion and energy.

I say all of this, because I’ve gotten away from my first love. I’ve stepped away from a commitment because I’ve been so focused on building a new work life.  That new life has been rich with opportunities, but I know it could rise to a whole other level if I take some extra time to commit to the thing I love or a habit that will grow and stretch me outside of my daily work.
This is my announcement that I will write on this website, this blog, for the next 31 days!  I will commit to using the left side of my brain and freeing up some of the pent-up vocabulary that has sat dormant for a long time.  There will be at least 500 words each day on here.  Jeff Goins is the creator of this challenge and you can learn more about it here.

Good Night. As I tell myself, Good Luck.