All About Work

That’s The Challenge for today. It’s Day #27 and I need to write about work. In 500 words I’m supposed to tell you about a good experience or a bad experience.  I know which one you probably would rather I tell  😀

One of my options is to tell you about the Worst Boss. So.  Here goes.

The worst boss is one that you’ve spoken to on the phone for 45 minutes before he takes the job, impassioned about the work you do and the amazing things he’ll bring to the table with his experience set. He gets to work and has a firm handshake but can’t look you in the eye in the hallway, still… you don’t know that’s indicative of an even more dangerous motive.

It’s one that can’t remember what he told you or another co-worker five minutes ago. Then changes his mind on a dime.  One that you try to get to know, but randomly insinuates that you are “fake” after not even knowing you for two months. Or at least that’s what he seemed to be saying?  It was so confusing.

He has never once been interested in your character or talking to you about life and struggle.  But he’s still the One that you pour your heart out to (quickly in a stolen meeting) about how much you love your work and that you want to make a difference and continue working there because your contract is coming up. You introduce your oldest kid to him… normally that will bridge some understanding since he has them too… it does nothing. It still feels awkward, and you’re not an awkward person. It’s the strangest work situation you’ve had in your entire life.

That same boss is the one that has you believe that you will continue working there when you’re supposed to be told 90 days ahead of time that you won’t be. Even though he is Skyping with other people that he ends up hiring after you’re gone. And up to the day you think you’re about to renegotiate your contract, 30 days out, you still think things are probably good.  You’re not sure… because there’s always been something awkward… but probably.

You are walking upstairs to meet with the General Manager and him to talk about details… you’re still not completely sure where you stand, even though you’ve tried to get to know him.

And then you are quickly directed into the Business Manager’s office and you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you know exactly where this is going.  You always have. But have no reason for it. Your personnel file is good, performance development scores high… and later on down the road you’ll find out from former bosses how strong your research was in a market.  And you’re so grateful for the viewers.

That same boss tells you “Your contract is not being renewed. Today is your last day.” And you look at him, eyes wide and use one word, one question : Why?

He repeats himself and stands up to walk out the door, leaving you with the business manager who is just as stunned as you are.  After 8 years, giving everything you have… even when there are difficult conversations where people don’t always agree on how to cover the news and when you’re pumping at 1 a.m. because you have a newborn and have to get to work… After 8 years, that is all you get.

It is devastating.

It’s true there are two sides to every story.

But I can tell you I’m not the only one that it’s happened to…

And in my mind, that is the worst boss.