The Jacket That Stole The Show

Fashion Meets Music…. what to wear, what to wear….

If only I was as suave as the lead singer of Young the Giant.  The epitome of this past weekend’s festival is summed up in one jacket. His jacket.

For someone like me, still on my journey to getting out of wearing black constantly when I go out, I could only dip into my accessories basket to put something ALMOST acceptable together for the Fashion Meets Music Festival.  This is what I did:


And I walked away inspired by this:



The jacket will be the climax of this story.  The thing we all aspire to have:  fashion magic.

My husband was originally the one who was overly stoked about going to FMMF.  One of his favorite bands (in the last five years) was the headliner, I knew a couple of Young the Giant songs vaguely off the radio.

But at some point before the weekend hit and the Coachella-style fashionistas hit the streets of downtown Columbus, I found out that someone who has provided encouragement for me this summer would also be appearing.  Rachel Platten.  34 years old and working so hard for so long in the music biz.  She finally has a hit.  And it’s one that has kept me afloat every time I’ve heard it.  Fight Song.


I can’t tell you how many times I have turned up the speakers in my car as loud as they could go with the windows down and shouted this song with her.

She sounds a lot better than me, but I put everything I have into my version  😉

Platten only played for half an hour, the act before her was running late and she told the crowd the timing during these festivals was extremely strict. But she was light-hearted in that 30 minutes… even covering a “childhood favorite” of hers and a resounding hit with my generation: Gin and Juice.

And then Platten didn’t just run off and leave Columbus.  She apparently stayed around to sing with kids who are fighting through cancer right now at Nationwide Children’s Hospital on Sunday.   The real deal.  Classy.  And the kind of person I find inspiring.

And from there on out at FMMF, you could find creativity and influence everywhere around you.  The crowds were not massive, but the sense of self was prominent within the individuals that were there.  We stopped by the runway to see some of the beautifully detailed clothing one designer put on models and on display for the crowd.




We were able to enter into a conversation that combines all the ideals we aspire to have in our lives through this chalkboard display:





I want to live in a world where we’re honest….





All my husband wants….





A Cubs World Series.

I mean… really… who can blame him? Even you Reds fans have to admit, it’s been a long time coming for those guys.

The night ended with this amazing jacket on this singer that I didn’t know much about but wanted to emulate his style when I left the McPherson Commons lawn.

I had to know where he got the threads, or more accurately the sequins.  This jacket he was wearing was fantastic.  He threw out a few words on stage.

“Thanks to Smartypants Vintage…”

The search was on– and it took me less than 24 hours to find Justina Smart, the owner and the purveyor of coolness that was this jacket.  She’s had Smartypants Vintage in the middle of the Greystone building for just about two and a half years.

Young the Giant happened to be in the Short North with a few hours to shop before their show and they found her.  Smart gets a lot of bands coming through her doors, her location makes that understandable.  But they take away something they probably find refreshing… even before they pick something to take home.

“I do keep up with current music and people traveling through, but luckily I don’t know what most bands and their members look like so they get treated like every other customer… which I think they appreciate.”

Young the Giant wanted some pretty unique pieces for the show, so Smart knew they could have fun with their options.  The guys bought a lot of her favorite pieces, on point with her style.

“The boys were a real pleasure to work with and genuinely appreciate me and my store,” Smart told me.

Now, about that jacket….



It is fully covered in sequins with precisely detailed designs, colorful and moving into one another.  It’s heavy.  And it’s known as “dead stock”, which is a term used in antique deals quite a bit.  It refers to an item that was never sold or put out into inventory.  It has its’ original tags and this kind of item, like this jacket, is nearly always in immaculate condition.

“This is obviously rare to come across and makes an item that much more special and valuable. “

Smartypants Vintage is a collection of its own– with what Smart qualifies as wearable pieces that can be easily combined into your everyday wardrobe.  We know that trends come back into fashion, and much of what’s in the shop right now are 1970’s originals whose style has been produced for the commercial world in the last two seasons.  But you can’t buy the exact items you find at Smartypants in let’s say, Anthroplogie.  And you also aren’t buying a piece of history if you go the commercial route either.  Performers know this and her best customers know this.

“I’m very lucky to have met and stayed connected to so many amazing performers over the years and [it’s] even more incredible when I get to see them on stage in Smartypants Vintage and making them come to life, quite surreal and something I will never tire from.  My customers are continuing the story that these clothes started to tell so many years ago. “

Fashion met music onstage on Saturday night, no doubt.  The taste of one woman with a love of quality vintage paired with a band that is getting a reputation for impressive live shows.  I was enamored, I was moved… and motivated to scout out some throwback pieces of my own in the very near future.