Scarlet and Gray and Confidence

Something in the midst of a popular football game on Labor Day rang true.

I should really say it was in the pre-game coverage on ESPN.  Urban Meyer was talking with a sideline reporter with her brassy and sassy red Victoria’s Secret model hair and she was asking Meyer about his team’s return to Virginia Tech.  Last year, of course, the Hokies were the only team to beat the Buckeyes.

Meyer told Heather Cox that preparing for the game wasn’t about revenge.  It was all about business.

In the midst of a stadium with thousands of fans clad in orange and cadets jumping– there had to be a moment when the OSU players were walking out and felt the weight of the last year on them.  Only one game lost and a stadium full of people who knew that.  A country who knew that too.  But the Best Damn Band in the Land played on as they ran out onto the field and those boys walked with a confidence.

No matter what we faced in the last year, the last few months or the last few days… we need to tap into that kind of confidence.  There is a reason you are where you are.  And there’s a reason you’re valued by people who love you.

It’s something you don’t have to scream from the top of the bleachers.