Girl Power and Business Know-How

When you’re in the middle of your career, it can be easy to get comfortable and enjoy your place in the corporate world.  You make decent money, you finally have your own office (albeit maybe a smaller one), and you have the status that has gained you respect in your department.

But there also might be a small voice inside of you saying:  Remember that idea?  Is it something that no one else is really doing?  An unmet need in the marketplace?  AND…. Remember how you felt last week when X didn’t quite go as planned for the ninth time in a row here?  Maybe it’s time to go for it?

Business First held what is becoming an annual Women in Business seminar on Thursday.  They pulled together some of the most influential women in business here in Central Ohio, from the corporate side as well as entrepreneurs.  There were two panel discussions and I moderated one of them, in which I was also listening intently to the advice the entrepreneurs were giving!  Bev Ryan of Ologie told us:  Go where the energy is.  Tanisha Robinson reminded us that our brand and who we are as a representative of that brand has to be super-authentic.




Since most of you reading this post weren’t attending that day, I wanted to share some more of the information that we shared on Twitter with the hashtag: #CBFwomen.  These are bite-sized pieces of wisdom that can help put your career and where you’re going next… in perspective.


“I’ve taken some leaps of faith.”

“I work for a company that has the same value system as I do.”

“You don’t have to be like the guys to get your point across.  Be who you are.”

-Cathy Lyttle, Worthington Industries


“Be a little scared of the job you’re doing.”

“I will always take the 10 seconds before opening my mouth and speaking.”

“Love the job you’re going to take.  Choose the job you are truly passionate about.”

-Lynn Anderson, Nationwide Bank


“It’s okay to  hold people accountable and still be a sensitive leader.”

“You’ve got to believe in yourself. And do your homework.”

-Sandy Doyle-Ahern, EMH&T


This is just a sampling of the advice these women had on Thursday.

For a look at everything shared on Twitter, just visit this Business First article.

You can also search #CBFwomen on Twitter and you’ll get the full list.

You may want to write some of these down and put them on a Post-It at your desk!