Backpacks Out & Pencils Sharpened

You’re probably not the only one thinking– “Wow, this seems early!”

But last week, some major districts went back to school and others will follow today.

My friend Beth Dal Ponte was out at Gahanna-Lincoln High School with students that LOOKED like they were ready!  Check out those pearly whites.



I have to say, I know some of you parents are smiling today 🙂

There’s a pretty comprehensive list right here of who is going back when— so you get an idea of how the schedule looks across Central Ohio.  Thanks to 10tv for that list!

One of the great efforts that happened before students went back was Operation Backpack.  It’s an initiative that’s been going on for nine years, spearheaded by Volunteers of America.  Most of the backpacks go to homeless children living in shelters in Ohio and at-risk children in the group’s housing program.  ABC6/Fox 28 helped bring backpacks to the organization through a backpack drive, this was the first time they partnered with the program.  In all, Volunteers of America collected almost 1,000 backpacks to help the most under-served of kids!

There are many more kids out there though who may be struggling to get the back-to-school supplies they need.  If you know of a family looking for help, or you need some help yourself, there’s an easy way to find assistance.  Just contact Hands On Central Ohio ASAP.  They can link you up with organizations that are still giving out those supplies to students.

In the meantime, if you have some extra cash, while you’re at the store… why don’t you pick up a supply list and buy some of the items on there? You can always stash them away for next year and give them to the Operation Backpack drive.  It’s an easy way to pay it forward– while thinking ahead. 🙂