What’s In Your Bag?

You’re about to put on that great maxi dress with the navy stripes– so the black hand bag won’t do it.  Time to change it up.

But how much stuff do you have to take out of the current clutch (or really duffle bag!) to put into the next man up?

In the summer I seem to make the transition more than during the winter months.  I’ve got a great blue Kate Spade that can fit a ton of items in it and can last you from spring until nearly fall.  I’ve unearthed everything in this bag from pacifiers, to spare change, small socks, and rogue vitamins.



But this oh-so-blue bag might not work with the chocolate brown skirt that I’m going sport later in the day.  The color combo is great for my girlfriend’s new baby’s room, on the other hand.  (I always thought chocolate brown and blue was right-on in a nursery!)

So it leaves us scurrying before we head out the door to move the breath mints, toss out any extra receipts we’ve forgotten inside the bottom of the bag, and everything else.  Full disclosure– here’s the inside of the latest bag I was transferring from:


And what I was transferring to:



So what’s in your bag?  You know, the must haves for you to survive out there.

That pink notebook you see in that last pic is critical for me.  I take little notes in it when I’m out and about– listening to a great radio program or podcast, something I see on the street when I’m in German Village or another cool location, or just having a conversation with another woman where she tells me about a hot new app or songwriter.  The pink pouch:  It’s for My Stick.  At least that’s what Grandma Weller called it, so I’m sticking to it. Even when you’re wearing minimal makeup, a little lipstick gives you some oomph.  And the book is new.  The perfect size read from my mom to keep my spirit in the right place when I’m on-the-go.  It’s as easy as reaching into your purse to get it.

The Container Store gives some pretty solid advice in a post up on their site.  I’m following not all of these, but some.

How do you wrangle it all and make it easily to go from one to the other?

Feel free to post pics too of your favorite bag below– I love to dish about good ones!!