A Little Air Drum

No doubt, the rain for the last few weeks has put a damper on a lot of summer days.

Kids should be at the pool listening to the latest hits on a radio speaker nestled in the corner, where the snack stand is packed with ice cream bars flowing out of the counters.  The rest of us should be eating lunch outside on shiny metal tables with an umbrella overhang, our sunglasses perched on the tip of our nose while we’re sipping an iced tea and listening to whatever XM radio station has been chosen by the restaurateur.

But we’re not.  And it’s downright depressing.

Good music can cure a lot of what ails you.  So even though we’re not getting the sun and missing out on music that sometimes makes or misses the mark, I thought I would share this little ditty with you.  A Twitter follower of mine pointed out the Struts the other day and said I *must* check them out.  I consider it a hip tweet– because he obviously schooled me.  These guys have been around for a bit– but aren’t so hot that they’re mainstream.

So I checked them out, and you should too.  Dance inside your house.  Play a little air guitar.

Or air drum– that’s my specialty.

You can thank me for the rock out moment later 😉