Wish List Collage

Wanna-be graphic designers– this one is for you!

Last year I started to become a Buju girl. For the uninitiated, that’s Bullet Journal. An amazingly simple tool that helps you list all of your heart’s desires in every category possible. Pen to paper, you make the lists and ponder them or add them to your schedule every once in awhile. It helps with world domination.  {Now you laugh.}

Today I’m taking my Wish List and making a collage out of it. Through a really simple program. If you’d like to make your own go here.

Now– mama wants a brand new bag, among a few other things that you’ll see in this piece of graphic art. I think I’m using that term correctly…

Word Cloud (1)

I’m also wanting to take my life into my own hands on a moped. (You have to consider where I live currently, in the country.) If I could find healthy, delicious, fast dinners that would solve our weeknight too-many-activities problem. And if life could just stand still for a little while this precious 4-year-old and his adorable sweet lisp and Mommy adoration could stay part of my days just a little bit longer.

We can’t get everything we want. But it’s nice to dream. {Or wish!}

What’s on your list? I would love to see your collage.