Words: Love, Hate, & Struggle

Sitting with your own words and a page of possibilities has always made my heart beat a little more quickly than normal. I’m really not sure why, it’s been this way since I was really young. The one thing I do remember is the wallpaper remnants from my dad’s hardware store. I would use them as covers for my short stories. I had to be only seven years old. And it made me so happy.

The Challenge asks me to write about what I love about this craft of writing.  And also what I hate about it. I’m also supposed to share what I’m struggling with in regard to this challenge today.

The love of writing extended into everything I did and everything I became. While I was in high school, I spent time on the Speech Team.  But I wasn’t debating. I was writing radio news scripts for the Radio Speaking part of the competitions. Somewhere at home I had a beautiful blue and green cloth folder decorated with white Asian lilies—and kept poetry that I wrote on our first computer in that folder.  Do you remember the printer paper that you had to rip apart? Holes were punched in the sides so it could move through a printer. That’s what I printed on.  And somewhere in a trunk somewhere in a warehouse in Decatur, Illinois that poetry sits and waits for me to discover it again.  What I love about this craft of writing, from then into this now world of blogging, is that it can take you anywhere. Allow you to express anything. To be anything you want to be and have your voice be heard. Simply. Powerfully.

What I hate about it? That there’s not enough time now to do it the way I’d like to do it. To write, walk away to think some more, do some research, and then revise.  To sit inside a coffee shop and have nowhere to be and nothing to do. To only have the luxury to read and write and sip a latte. I used to take Irish Cream lattes. Now I don’t know if I could find them anymore. I also hate that I sometimes can’t find the words that I want to write, that my mind feels like it can’t expand to that place that transcends everyday conversation because I don’t talk out loud like that normally.

I have about one hundred words to go here… so what am I struggling with in this challenge?  I’ve enjoyed each day, I only struggled for this first time writing last night.  That was because I had friends in from Indianapolis that I hadn’t seen in a while and was trying to enjoy, in the midst of our four children ages 10 and under improving their Minecraft skills.  We had Prosecco and lots of talk about the great things women are doing in both of our communities. They left for their hotel and instead of writing on the blog, I was sucked into some top Facebook post about Chernobyl which then had me watching videos about the tragedy and learning about the Elephant’s Foot that will kill a person within 300 seconds of standing near it.  It’s that radioactive.

So, as long as I don’t get sucked down another rabbit hole like that… I won’t struggle with this challenge through the 31 days it lasts. Something tells me I just need to be aware that weekends may prove to be the difficult part.