The Picture You Need to Take This Weekend

If you want your front and back yards to look their best all year round, grab your camera this weekend. You’re going to want to take pictures of your plants.  No– this is not for Instagram.  And no selfies with your summer leftovers!  It’s for planning purposes.

When I saw that garden expert Tom Wood was addressing this, I said:  Yes, yes, yes!  Truth be told… I am a bit of an Evernote addict and stored my pictures inside that app last year so I could refer to them later.  It worked really well this year and I didn’t plant in sections that didn’t make sense in my year-long plan.

My husband even thanked me for being so organized  😉

Tom has a very short video right here about how he catalogs the photos and how it can help inspire you later on:

Such an easy add to your weekend To-Do list!