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Sometimes we don’t speak the same language as our teachers.  And that’s okay.  Not everyone is going to communicate the same way. Not everyone is going to learn the same way.  But we have to bridge that gap.

We know how we felt when we were kids sitting in a classroom with a dazed and confused look on our face, a Wednesday morning, the overhead projector filled with notes as the teacher explained a certain concept.  For me, in my most difficult high school moment, there was a man who was decades older than me, pushing his glasses up constantly, going over geometric proofs.  I have to confess:  I really didn’t like Geometry and I was really bad at it.

I’m sure Mr. Griffith was a nice man.  I just didn’t feel it when I was sitting in his classroom.  Staring at him confused, I hoped he was going to pick up on the fact that I didn’t know what was going on or what he was teaching.  I was worried at the same time that I was going to get a “pink slip” for the class and not be able to participate in my Fall sport anymore.  Geometry was easily my hardest class in high school, and I’m the kid who LOVED Chemistry 3-4.  I was also a kid that never had a tutor, I was decently smart– a National Honor Society member.  But sometimes there are going to be instances in some classes that you just don’t quite get.

That’s where a good tutor comes in to help.

Somehow I survived, God knows how, and was able to make it out of Geometry with a “C.”  It was my lowest grade in high school.  Looking back, it would have been really nice to have had someone from the outside looking in that could communicate with me and help me learn in a brand new way.

That’s what is so fantastic about the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Homework Help Centers.  They have experienced staff, many former teachers, that have worked in these areas and know exactly what to do with kids when they’re having trouble with a subject.  And it’s FREE help!  From young kids who need to better develop their reading skills to older kids who are writing that first research paper or struggling with a Substitution Postulate, there is something for everyone.  And different locations have different technology that can help in the learning process, as well.



You want to visit this link to find out the hours that the Homework Help Center near you is open.  It’s all based on when your district gets out of school.  If you feel like there’s not really an opportunity for your child to get there after school, there’s also some online alternatives right here.  And there’s also an easy way online to come up with ideas and facts for that daunting research project.

Where was this when I was in school?!?

If you want to get a better feel for the program, watch the video below: