The App That Solved A Pinterest Problem

I’ll throw down 99 cents any day for an app that provides a little entertainment or is educational.  But what I’m about to share will make your life, easier.

Really– I paid that price for Milk the Cow and 9,999,999 Fortune Cookies.  Just for the sheer enjoyment of feeling like I was back on a farm and to share my fortunes on Facebook.  Sometimes it takes very little to get a rise out of me.

But when an app is pricier, I tend to really question myself.  99 cents is one thing, $4.99 and it better be life-changing for me or teaching my children to read.

When I found Paprika in the last few weeks, I really couldn’t tell what it was at first.  With a name like that it could mean many things, I mean would it organize my spices?

(Been there done that– see pic below)


Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

Paprika was amazing because it saved me from a Pinterest problem.

I know there are a lot of you like me out there who pin recipes to Pinterest all the time.  It’s food porn.

There I said it.  You know and I know that’s the best way to describe it.

You feel like you could be an amazing chef with a few whips in a bowl and a sprinkle of something on top.  But the issue becomes:  how do you keep all the recipes you try and love in an area that is easily accessible?  I created a board on my Pinterest account called “Lived It, Loved It”, but over the course of the last two years it’s turned into a jam-packed area of food, clothes, and best organizing techniques.  No bueno.

It looks a little less crazed because of Paprika.  This app is amazing because it easily takes your favorite online recipes and puts them into a recipe box inside the app.  I have it on my iPad but there is a version for iPhones.  It recognizes the link you were in while you were inside Pinterest, and then in most scenarios it downloads the recipe right to your Paprika app!  Three seconds.  Magic.  Worst case scenario, for a recipe on a website that is not download-friendly, you end up copying and pasting the recipe and the picture of the deliciousness.  That takes all of one minute.






<—Download Screen


    After you press “Load” —>





The app organizes your recipes into categories.  Mine include everything from Dips to Healthy Snacks to Slow Cooker and Salad recipes.  You also can give the recipes between 1 and 5 stars AND you can mark your favorites for the quickest access ever.


I haven’t used this function yet… but if you want too, you can also create a Grocery List from the recipes you plan to make.  There’s also a pantry that shows what you already have.  And yes, to help you meal plan– there’s a calendar in there too where you can enter menus!!  Genius.  Or just the world we live in today.  It also syncs your information with your phone and your Mac or PC.

Paprika.  I had to tell you about it, it’s my #earlyAMconfession because it’s been a great find.

It really has been worth every penny so far.  Can’t you tell?  I look really happy below.

And sort of like a crazy goofball.