Building a Community: Yacht by Yacht

If you feel like spending a Saturday night on the water in your yacht, there is no question:  you should do it.

What yacht?  You may ask.  I don’t have one.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that it would be hard to find one here in Cental Ohio.

They don’t frequent the Scioto.  The Olentangy won’t take them either.  You would bump along the bottom of the Big Darby.  Yes, we have no true open waterway to support luxurious living.  But you can spend Saturday night on the water with your toy yacht and help a community that continues to grow right here in Central Ohio.

The United Way of Delaware County is presenting the WLN Regatta.  WLN stands for Women’s Leadership Network and it’s a group of very active women just north of the city that are trying to set up families in need for success.  Since 2012, the group has invested more than $388,000 in programs within Delaware County.  The members also give back through their own time and talents to raise up women and families.

You can “buy” your own yacht for $100.  It’s a remote controlled toy boat that will go on a large pond on the facility’s property.

Here’s some video of one being tested just the other day:

A few cocktails, some food from the raw bar, and being the captain of your own yacht… now that’s a Saturday night!

The attire is yacht club-appropriate.  Your feet will be grateful, ladies.  Summer dresses and sandals will work for you.  Men can go with khakis, button downs, and Sperry’s to boot.  Or to boat 😀   I’m told think Ralph Lauren!

The Regatta is from 6:30-10p on Saturday at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center.

If you’re interested in learning more information or buying tickets, just click on this link.