A Little Bit of Ice Cream…

It’s all about moderation– but for some reason, in my family, a little bit of ice cream can add an extra helping of happiness.  So when I see this quote, it takes me back to that moment when I was 5 years old and in the backyard of the blue house with white shutters my dad built out in the country.  Rock salt and ice cubes rubbing against a white pine bucket and my dad and an uncle or two making homemade ice cream, churning it around and around with a hand crank until the milk, sugar, and whatever else was inside that stainless steel tube within turned into a smooth, slightly salty vanilla dream.

Nowadays– I don’t have my own ice cream maker.  I’m not even one to buy much of it at the grocery store.  I usually find it months later with ice crystals covering the cardboard top and some flavor like Sea Salt Caramel and Cookie Dough has completely gone to waste in the deep freeze.

Ice cream is a treat.  A choice.  A trip up the road that can completely change your day.

Handel’s “Spouse Like A House”  (danger! — as you can tell by the name) and Cake Batter at #Froyo are among the widest grins you’ll get from me on a given Sunday when my husband announces we should go get some frozen goodness.  I can’t forget Whit’s either.  Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, of course with a name like that and custard like that is bound to be good.

So yes, without ice cream– there would be darkness and chaos.  And a few less smiles in the world.

If you’re lactose intolerant, we’ll make this work… promise!

I have some great almond milk-based recipes.

(Isn’t there always some kind of solution?  🙂 )

Maybe I could grab a new ice cream churn– and bring even a little more lightness into our worlds.