Never Too Old

From one of the great authors in the last 75 years– wisdom for your day.

The Chronicles of Narnia are sitting up in my oldest’s room, a gift from a former co-worker that knows my love for reading.  The box untouched, collecting some dust, but knowing that soon– the secrets inside will be unlocked.

I can’t wait to share that set of stories with him.  He’ll be ready for it in the next few years.  And I know his amazing imagination will make those stories come to life.

But C.S. Lewis is so much more than these classic children’s literature fantasies on paper.

He was a man of inspiration.  A man of great faith.  He would want all of us to keep dreaming and to keep using our imaginations on a regular basis.

So, if you’re sitting in a rut today…  if you’re wondering where this whole path thing leads…  Worry not.

Take in the wisdom of Mr. Lewis below.