A Refreshing Conversation: Liz Brown and Why You Should Get To Know Her

It’s a perfect day in Goodale Park near downtown Columbus.  The sun is filtering through trees that are 50 years old or more, the ducks are squawking as the mallards dip their webbed feet into water, and the concrete elephant looks so happy you thought he’s had a bag full of peanuts as a geyser of water comes out of his trunk.  The Goodale Fountain gives you the slightest taste of happiness in the midst of a random Thursday.

I’m going through my notes, checking my voicemail on a phone that is dying from overuse (potentially too many Instagram photos on this gorgeous day), and feel pretty happy on my own… almost like I’m getting ready to meet someone who could be a new friend.

I’m about to interview a woman running for a city council seat.  As I’m about to find out… she will be thumbtack sharp but also the same type of girl you’d ramble on with over coffee.  I’ll like that.  And I’m guessing you will too.

Liz Brown, formally Elizabeth, is no stranger to politics.  Her dad will be familiar to you.

(Yeah, U.S Senator Sherrod Brown.  A democrat.  I think you probably know who he is, so we’ll stop there.  Because this campaign actually is not about him 🙂 )

Liz couldn’t tell the difference between democrats and republicans growing up with a father in politics– and that refreshing perspective is something that resonates during our conversation.  She’s running for Columbus City Council, specifically.  She’s on the ballot many of you will see in the next few short weeks.  And yes– she was 5 days overdue with her first child when we met on that sunswept day in Goodale Park!

We talked a little about “pitching” the city of Columbus to companies and also the state of family leave here in Ohio.

Then– I asked her a few questions that you wanted to know about… how does she feel about high speed rail connecting Columbus to other cities?  And what are some of her favorite spots around town?

I hope you enjoy the conversation.  I hope you see a bit of who she is in this quick profile.

If you’re interested in following her campaign and asking more questions, here’s what you need to know:

Her Facebook Page

Her Twitter Account

Her Website