Do Good

It should be the number one priority we have in life.  Unfortunately, sometimes our calendar, our selfish desires, and our ego get in the way.

Doing good.  These two college women in the picture above know each one of us can do that… better. They go to school at The University of Southern Mississippi.  And they’re making braille cards for the blind as part of a special challenge that all of us are encouraged to take part in this week.

Just for a moment– take yourself back into a moment in time like the one in that picture.

My freshman year of college I was pretty far away from home, and anyone I knew for the first 18 years in life.  My mom had been part of a sorority and I decided I wanted to be part of Greek life too.  I wanted to make campus feel like home, I wanted to make friends.  But I had no clue that when I joined a sorority I would learn what philanthropy truly meant for the first time.  Planned volunteering and giving, hard work through committees that worked for months creating events that would bring in dollars for at-need groups.  From chairing a Feed the Children effort to spearheading our Links to Literacy effort with local Headstart programs, I was able to see firsthand how people like you and me can make a difference in our communities.  And it felt good.  And I felt less homesick, because that felt good.



My Freshman Year Composite Pic

Nearly 20 years later, I can tell you that time in college helped shape me in so many ways.  Maybe you had a similar experience?  So when I heard that a fraternity for women was challenging the rest of us to “do good”, I felt like it was a great time to talk about what we can do when our heart is in the right place.  Even though the place we call home now is very different than the freedom of university life!

Eta Beta Harford

From: Eta Beta chapter at The University of Hartford

Delta Gamma Fraternity is the organization that has designated this week as “Do Good” week.

It’s simple to take part.  Just do good deeds in your community!  The Fraternity created the week to connect their chapters and their communities in an even greater way.

“In the first year, 2014, we saw such heartwarming stories of our women giving back to their communities. We saw sisters taking time out to spend time at nursing homes, buying lunch for strangers, planting community gardens and being good role models for young women everywhere,” Mary Ellen Smalley told me.

She’s the Director of Marketing and Communications for Delta Gamma.

“Do Good” is Delta Gamma’s motto, so Smalley says it was natural to make that the theme of the initiative.

Anyone can participate.  And here’s just a few examples on how you get the “good” stuff flowing:

  • Pay for the person behind you when you’re in line
  • Write a thank you note to someone who isn’t expecting it
  • Take cookies to your local fire or police station
  • Bring flowers to patients at a hospital
  • Donate some things to Goodwill or another group like it

Join the official Facebook event page for Do Good Week, right here.

And you know I love a good “share” on social media!  So, post a meaningful picture of yourself in action with the hashtag #DGDoGoodWeek on your own accounts.  You can also post it on that official Facebook event page.

“We hope to see this event grow,” Smalley says.

“We think the opportunities for “Do Good” week are limitless and we are so impressed with how some of our collegiate and alumnae chapters are really making it a part of the community. Each year, more and more of our members participate and we are even in discussions to see how we can make this event go beyond just Delta Gamma members!”


Zeta Sigma-Northern Kentucky policemen

From: Zeta Sigma chapter at Northern Kentucky University