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The Momcast

You never know where the journey is going to lead. When I left TV almost a year ago I had no clue what was going to happen on Friday, would happen.

The Mommy Mile & The Start of Something New

Super late to the party, even by Netflix standards, my husband and I started watching Mad Men recently and the other night I made a remark. The main female characters were slighting a divorceé in the neighborhood over the fact that she walked.  And they didn’t know where she was going.

All About Work

That’s The Challenge for today. It’s Day #27 and I need to write about work. In 500 words I’m supposed to tell you about a good experience or a bad experience.

Cut the Fluff

The pale pink liquid playing on the crushed ice directly from the refrigerator dispenser looks nearly the same as the sun going down in the springtime sky. The glass cup clinks the counter and a look out the window show the last wisps of a glorious Sunday disappearing beneath the kitchen sink. Today we’re writing […]