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Microneedling 101: My Journey to Better Skin in My 40’s

Tiny needles. Rolling over your face. You may think- this sounds like a 90’s horror movie. I won’t sign up for that. But this is not a remake with Pinhead and I’m about to share an experience with you that may have you reconsidering that response, especially if you’re interested in rejuvenating your skin through […]

How to “Beat” COVID-19: The Signs & The List

Moving from room-to-room, I tried to find something to smell. Anything. The peppermint essential oil that I had pulled out of my vanity and should refresh a person at one whiff, did nothing for me. It should also have evoked the warm feeling of Starbucks in December. It didn’t. I moved onto a bath salt […]

Restore Your Resolution

The insane cold followed by balmy-like temperatures. The constant stream of news about H2N3 and the latest member of your family to go down to the “stuff” as we’ve been calling it. Calamity days thrown in there and everything is thrown off. This is almost like a hibernation. These days between subtropical mid-50s and subzero […]

A Game-changing Moment

Changing the game. It’s not the makeshift hockey arena that my two little guys create in the middle of our kitchen that looks less like Nationwide Arena and more like we’re about to have dinner. It’s not about beating each other up about our political affiliations and beliefs on social media as though we’re in […]

Real Isn’t Always Pretty

I’ve had the chance to meet people from all different walks of life. Famous. Normal. Normal in undeniably hard circumstances where they’ve been thrust into the limelight. And normal people who do extraordinary things in the moment.