Not Your Momma’s McDonald’s



When pictures like this were showed off at a surprise birthday party for a mom of three who has been through a drive-through or two to feed kids quickly– that’s when I first knew I had to share this story.  And then the processed meat scandal.

I mean we always knew it wasn’t good for your heart… but now we’re debating its’ carcinogenic properties.  Fast-food restaurants were likely to take a short-term hit.

The event that recently happened at the McDonald’s off of Britton Parkway in Hilliard will really  have you scratching your head– because what you’re about to see was made entirely out of food that McDonald’s uses on a daily basis.  Food that gets a bad rap many times from the ultra-health concious.

This time around, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants prepared it.  And it looked beautiful.  In a way that only fresh food can.

The point of the Chef Inspired Dinner Challenge was to challenge CMR chefs to use top-quality McDonald’s ingredients to prepare a three-course meal.  The Holowicki family owns many McDonald’s stores around Central Ohio and created the challenge concept over the course of the last couple of years.

There were apple cider cocktails that hit the right note for a cooler October evening and buffalo chicken hor d’oeuvres that you could have sworn were from a wedding reception at one of our more acclaimed golf courses in Central Ohio.

Then there were the courses, this kale and spinach salad utilizing a yogurt and poppyseed dressing with a garnish of granola and apples.



A chicken breast nested with their (pureèd) black beans and stuffed with a corn and pepper mix.



And then the treat everyone raved about– these small friend doughnut holes with some of the sauces they use in their desserts.



It was all delicious and incredibly fresh– okay the doughnut holes maybe weren’t, but it was the right size kind of treat and perfect for those looking to not over-indulge!  (Unless if you were one of my tablemates and were scouring the room for more.  You know who you are!!)



Oops.  Outed 🙂

But truly, the whole dinner gave me a new perspective on McDonald’s base ingredients.  And no one paid me to say that.

I thought you might want to see the pictures!

And yes– my husband did walk away with the Mac Sauce.